$55/Day of Travel

What does that include?

  • A personal travel itinerary made just for you with all the details you need

    • Provided on a free app and sent to you as a PDF​

  • Flexible booking:

    • I can book everything for you (hotels, activities, tours, transportation), you can choose to book on your own, or a little bit of both. The only thing you'll have to book is the flight. 

    • This is not a typical travel agency. I am not limited to booking on specific websites. Booking can be done with whatever sites necessary (like Airbnb) to make sure your needs and wants are met.

  • Flight consultations​

  • Covid-19 travel knowledge

  • Restaurant reservations if requested. Restaurant recommendations if you want options!

  • The perfect pace for you. If you like to pack every possible activity in, I can do that. If you prefer some extra time built in for spontaneous exploration, I can do that as well.

  • Travel insurance offers

  • And of course, a trip to remember forever!

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