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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my first step to a personal travel itinerary?

1. Send me an email letting me know you are interested! 2. I will reply with a primilinary questionnarie about your travel preferences like where you want to travel, your budget, and what types of food and activites you like. 3. I will reach out to you to discuss your preferences in more detial and will start working on your customized travel plans. 4. You will get an initial itinerary to reveiw and you can share your feedback. It will be revised as necesary until it is just the way you want it! 5. Once a final travel plan is confirmed, I will book everything and transfer the trip plans into the TripIt app so you can see all your trip detials on-the-go on a free mobile app. I will also send the final details via email.

What if I already have some exisiting travel plans?

Not a problem at all! Just let me know what you have booked already. As your personal travel planner, I can work anything in.

When do I pay and what if my trip gets cancelled?

If you just sent an initial request or answered the initial travel questionarrie, you won't be charged anything. If you want to move forward with getting a customized travel itinterary, half of the fee must be paid up front. Once you confirm the final plans are to your liking, the other half of the fee will be paid. If your trip is cancelled for any reason, we cannot refund you the travel itinerary fee. However, any hotels, tours, etc that were cancellable, can be canelled, and you will get your money back for those. If your trip is postponed, but you are heading to the same destination, your itinerary can be rearranged and rebooked for $15/day of travel.

What about Covid-19?

Any Covid-19 safety policies and quarantine requirements for your destination will be researched and outlined in your customized travel itinerary. I try to make bookings that are cancellable in case of any issues. If something will not be cancellable, I will be sure to communicate this with you prior to booking to make sure it is something you actually want to do. Additionally, hotels, tours, and restaurant Covid-19 policies are researched for you to ensure that they are up to FDA guidlines and are safe for you to go to. Since many restaurants are now requiring reservations, I can make those for you!

Are there any other fees?

Aside from the daily itinerary fee of $55/day of travel, there are no other fees. You will pay the exact price for the hotels and activites that are charged by the hotel and activity websites. I work to get you the lowest rates, and since I also work with a travel host agency, I may even be able to get partner rates with additional discounts or other free perks!

How much does it cost and what does it include?

Check out the Pricing page here! Or if you have additional questions, please to not hesitate to email.

What if I require special accomodations? Examples: disabled, dietary restrictions, young kids, special occasion.

Not a problem! Just let me know any details, and its my job to work out logistics and special arrangements necessary.

Can you plan just part of my trip itinerary?

Sure! You'll be able to indicate which days you want planned on the questionnaire.

Where can I travel?

Anywhere that I can research!